Throwback Thursday - Heathers

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Heathers

It's been 25 years since the birth of Heathers and with the musical only coming off Broadway a couple of days ago, I think this weeks Throwback Thursday should be a fashion tribute to Heathers.

Heathers is an 80's cult classic starring Winona Ryder as regular girl, Veronica Sawyer, who tries to survive school by sticking to and doing favours for the three most popular girls at school - the Heathers. However when Veronica meets, the mysterious and dangerous J.D. her life spirals into a continuous circle of hate, unintentional murder and indifference, as she takes revenge on her enemies, also known as her best friends.
Each character has their different colour to wear, with Heather Chandler, the leader wearing red to represent her power. Then there is the bookish, bulimic Heather in green who is extremely jealous of  Heather Chandler, and finally Heather McNamara. Arguably the nicest of the 3, she wears yellow. I read somewhere that, that's to show her cowardliness for not standing up to Heather Chandler. Heather McNamara was always my favourite. Veroncia begins by wearing blue, to fit in with the crowd of heathers but as the film goes on and she mixes with J.D who wears only black, she begins to wear black too. Showing she really doesn't fit in with the heathers.
So pick your colour, get your 80's on and dress up in tribute to Heathers.
Who was your favourite character from Heathers?

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