Top 10 Art Accounts On Instagram

Monday, August 11, 2014

I was flicking through who I'm following on Instagram the other day and I realised that I'm following a fair few art accounts. I really do love to draw, although I'm not amazing, I would say I'm fairly creative so I'm always on the look out for inspiration. Here are my 10 most favourite art accounts that I follow for endless inspiration:
LOVELIMZY - This Singapore based, Malaysian artist makes gorgeous pictures all from flowers.
ELLE_WILLS - This girls drawings are amazing, I've got some serious envy going on.
NAWDEN  - Come on, just look at that cat.
ART_FASHI0N - A huge collection of artwork by different people, who are all just as talented.
SPIELKKIND - This artist creates the cutest little scenes out of anything she can get her hands on, and uses cute doodles to complete.
PAVNEETSEMBHI - I could spend all day drooling over these gorgeous drawings, the time and effort that must go into them is incredible. I wish I had the patience, and wasn't so heavy handed...
RACHELRYLE - This artist not only does the cutest little drawings, but turns them into animations too. There's a space one which I am absolutely in love with.
COLOUR_ME_CREATIVE - If you love colour, this is your girl.

 CHRISTINEDI0R - This self taught artist has mountains of talent.

PAPERFASHION - This New York based artist creates the most elegant pictures.

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Let me know what you think of these accounts and if there are any others that you think deserve to be on this list x

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