Midweek Motivation

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I start back at school today. My first day of year 11 and it is killing me. I dread going back to school after summer and this year its even worse. I don't struggle at school but I'm often referred to as "the thick one" in my group of friends and it always surprises them whenever I get a good grade or know how to do something that they don't. My maths teacher even called me "a dumb blonde" once at parents evening. My mum just pointed out to him that he was wrong. Not only am I much smarter than I first come across; my hair is brown. I may do things in a way that is different to everybody else and to them it may seem like madness but it makes perfect sense to me and I always get there in the end. I pick things up quickly and I learn by doing things. That means I start doing the task the teacher has set before they have time to explain how to do it. This isn't always the best thing and I am probably just making the task harder for myself, but it means that if I make mistakes I learn from them and discover things for myself. When I have learnt something new or completed the task I really do feel good and proud of myself. However it also means that when I am stuck I will sit there getting frustrated for ages until I finally give in and ask for help. All I'm trying to say is that if you too are like me and are given labels like "thick" and constantly find yourself surprising people, don't let it bother you. Make it your mission to surprise them. Some of the most successful people aren't the ones who were top of the class at school. Grades aren't a true measure of intelligence at all.
How do you find school?
Ciara x

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