2True Plumptuous Lipgloss Shade 22 Review

Saturday, October 11, 2014

I'm huge on lip products. I really do love them. This particular lipgloss is a new addition to my collection and a welcome one at that. The *2True Plumptuous Lipgloss shade 22 (£1.99) is a lovely glossy colour. It is a little bit on the sticky side so be careful when wearing it with your hair down.
This is actually a bit pink for me in the tube but it translates beautifully onto the lips and has an almost "frost" finish. This is extremely glittery so if that isn't your thing then steer well clear. However, I personally love a bit of glitter every now and then.
Now onto the plumptuous claim. It certainly made my lips tingle like they have never tingled before but I didn't notice any change in the appearance of my lips. But to be honest all the lipglosses I have tried that claim to plump up your lips never seem to actually do that. Sure they tingle but that's about it.
The staying power on this stuff is amazing, although it does transfer onto glasses when you drink (as do all lipglosses) is still manages to be there up to 4 hours after application.
This is my first 2True product and I will be going to their stall the next time I get a chance to. So far they seem great for makeup on a budget so I'm excited to try out some of their other products. Don't you just love finding great budget alternatives.
Please excuse how tired I look in these pictures. (It has been a tough week).
Do you have any 2True recommendations for me?
Ciara x

*This post contains items which were gifted to me. Full disclaimer.

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