OPI: Halloween 2014 Peanuts Collection Review

Monday, October 27, 2014

Can you believe Halloween is only a couple days away? Seems mad doesn't it. I personally love Halloween and for the past couple of months have been in such a Halloweeny mood. (Is that a thing? Can you be in a Halloweeny mood?)

OPI have brought out a mini collection of Halloween nail polishes that have all been inspired by Charlie Brown and his friends from the Peanuts Comics by Charles M. Schulz. I love Charlie Brown SO much. In fact I have an obsession with all the charming characters created by Schulz. He was a genius and so incredibly talented. Seeing as I have never actually tried any OPI nail polishes and I love the Peanuts Comics, I took this as the perfect opportunity.

The OPI Peanuts Collection (£14.99) contains 4 shades and some super cute nail decals that I haven't yet tried but can't wait to use. I think I may save these for my Halloween Party.

First of we have "Good Grief!" which is "the sunny yellow of Charlie Brown's favourite t-shirt". I love this colour. It's so bright and happy and really makes a change from the normal nail polish colours that I tend to wear. It takes a bit of confidence because of how bright it is but I love it so much.

"Where's My Blanket???" is a black based glitter shade containing pieces of black, orange and yellow glitter inspired by Linus. I really like the way the pieces of glitter have been cut into hexagonal shapes and this polish is perfect for Halloween, although is versatile enough to be worn all year round. It's easy to layer although a little tricky to get the glitter distributed evenly. I had to apply a few coats to get this sorted out. It was also a right pain to remove...

Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? is by far the best black nail polish I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. Inspired by Lucy Van Pelt's hair, it's a true jet black, is opaque with just one coat and there isn't a single streak in sight. The formula is so good that you can almost see your own reflection in it. It's my staple black.

To Be Or Not To Beagle is another black based glitter shade. This time it has hexagon shaped pieces of black, red, light and dark blue, yellow, orange and white glitter. OPI describe this as "Snoopy's happy-dance of colours in a joyful glitter". When I first saw this on Kalyn Lord's blog I thought the glitter was supposed to be the characters faces. Obviously I was very disappointed when I realised that, no, it was just glitter. Regardless this is a really pretty shade that could be worn all year round, layered over nail polish or even just by itself. I tested it by itself and I really do like the simplicity of it. It reminds me of Lazy Oaf? I used two coats to achieve this effect.

I found the wear time on these polishes to be amazing even without a base or top coat, on the whole they are easy to apply, they dry quickly and even though these are the dinkiest bottles I have ever used, the brush is lovely. A great first impression of OPI nail polishes! This is a collection that I am so happy I purchased and I think I may have to stock up on the full size bottles.

What do you think of the collection?

Ciara x

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