September Favourites

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

I haven't done a favourites post in months now. I've meant to but when I've sat down and tried to think about what I've loved that month, my mind has just been blank. So this month I've been jotting things down as I go. So here we are - my September favourites:

The Show:


Skins. Words cannot describe my love for skins. I'm re-watching skins right from the very beginning and it's even better than I remembered. I had a couple days off school this month and instead of being productive and blogging/doing coursework, I just really wasn't in the mood. So I cozied up and watched the whole of Skins series 2. I was going to move on to series 3 but I don't want to leave behind all the characters from series 1&2. For those of you who don't know, Skins follows a group of teenagers and all the fun they get up to and problems they have in their everyday lives. The characters in Skins change every 2 series and these sets of characters are called generations. Skins Generation 1 is by far my favourite. I think the characters are so real and the writers are extremely good. I think everyone can relate to at least one aspect of a character and you will just fall in love with the cast. If you've never watched Skins you can watch it on 4OD and if you watched it while it was on, go and watch it again. This is a show that will never be out of date. It's just so real and is the first program that I think really deals with teenage problems properly. Just watch it.

The Book:


I'm a bit late to the party on this but I read *Divergent this month and could not put it down. I haven't seen the film so I don't know how it compares but the book is fab. It's got a really good story line, the characters are interesting and the writing is very good. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it or seen the film but there is one piece of description that seemed so real and actually made me feel a bit sick. I had to put it down for a second but then my curiosity got the better of me and I had to keep on reading. I'm not usually that squeamish but this was good. Anyway, *Divergent is a science fiction (but don't let that put you off, there's no weird aliens) book that is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Chicago and follows Tris as she explores her identity within a society that defines its citizens by their personality. It's a bit hard to explain without giving away the plot or letting this blog post go on forever so just go and read it yourself if you haven't already.

The Moisturiser:

 I've been on the hunt for ages now for the perfect body moisturiser. One that agrees with my skin completely and doesn't just work for a couple of applications but all the time. I finally think I've found it and I'm not sure why I haven't tried it before. *Palmer's Cocoa Butter (£3.99) is an absolute godsend. It is just gorgeous. It's rich but soaks into the skin quickly, doesn't leave you feeling greasy or sticky but leaves the skin beautifully soft and smooth and it smells amazing. Usually the skin on my legs can be quite dry after shaving but after just a few days of using this stuff, that's no longer an issue. I'm converted and will be stocking up on it as I have used it every day this month and just cannot get enough.

The Perfume:

The past month I have worn nothing but my trusty *Superdry Neon Pink (£35). I wont go into detail because I did a full review of this a few weeks ago but this scent is just lovely. It's girly which is something I don't usually go for but I've grown to love this sweet floral scent. It's perfect for these warm autumn days we've been having lately and it's versatile, it can be worn for both day and night yet isn't too heavy for school. Plus I always get compliments when I'm wearing it.

The Lip Product:

I've been really loving nude/barely there lips lately. I think they leave a makeup look looking so clean and really naturally beautiful. However I am not a fan of concealer lips and because I've been at school I haven't wanted to cart a lipstick around with me so the Max Factor Max Effect Lipgloss in 4 Pink Romantic (£4.99) has been perfect. It's a lovely light pink that offers a bit shine without containing glitter. It's quite sheer but still adds colour to the lips and is almost a "your lips but better" kind of gloss. It's not sticky or drying and doesn't taste or smell disgusting so it's a win for me. Also it lasts for a fair few hours however if you are eating or drinking you will have to reapply.
What have you been loving this month?
Ciara x

*This post contains items which were gifted to me. Full disclaimer.

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