Aussi Dual Personality Texturising and Conditioning Gel Spray Review

Friday, November 21, 2014

 I would do almost anything to have mountains of gorgeous wavey curls in my hair. Google the little girl from 'Brave' and that's what I'm on about. Whenever I walk past a girl embracing her crazy curls I can't help but get serious hair envy. Some people see my hair as a blessing - I don't have to straighten or blow dry it and most days I don't even need to brush it, yet it is straight and in fairly good condition. However I just find my hair flat and boring.
Because of this I have probably tried every single hair product out there on the market that promises to add "texture" to my otherwise quite boring hair. Now don't get me wrong; I'm not saying that straight hair is boring, because it's not and I often walk past girls with straight hair and get hair envy then as well, it's just that my face is quite round and dead straight hair makes it look even rounder.
Step in the Aussi Dual Personality Aussome Texturising and Conditioning Gel Spray (£4.99). This stuff is amazing. I generally love Aussi products anyway so I had high hopes for this spray, but I never imagined the results that I actually got.
This stuff can be spritzed onto dry or towel dried hair before styling and it just creates the most gorgeous mermaid waves. I look just like I've stepped off the beach. Love it. It conditions as well so the hair stays soft and even though this spray offers flexible hold it doesn't leave the hair crispy.
The fact that it's a conditioner is great as well because I often feel like salt sprays leave my hair damaged and knotty but this one actually helps to improve the condition and appearance of my hair.
It also smells lovely, the signature Aussi sent which I love and it's cheap as chips.
What's your favourite way to achieve beachy waves?
Ciara x

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