Beauty and The Brains

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I read this article last night and it really stood out to me. I can't believe that we still live in an age where our mental capacity is determined by the way that we look. It seems ridiculous to think that because I wear makeup people will think that I am not capable of being top of my class.
We should be encouraging young girls to excel academically and show them that getting an A on last weeks test is something to be proud of, not ashamed of. They shouldn't ever have to hide their achievements because of fear of being called a "swot" or a "geek" or a "bang out".

Young girls should not be faced with a choice between looking good and expanding their minds. It's no longer 1959, women can do whatever they want and achieve great things, all while looking their best. That is of course if they want to. We shouldn't be pitting brains against beauty. Long gone are the days when blonde hair and red lips meant an empty mind.

Knowledge is Power and intelligence is beautiful. Come on ladies, let's show the world how it's done.

Ciara x

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