Max Factor Max Effect Nail Polish in 45 Fantasy Fire Review

Saturday, November 22, 2014

 Max Factor Max Effect Nail Polish in 45 Fantasy Fire (£3.99) is absolutely gorgeous. Apparently there was a lot of hype about it back in 2012 but I managed to miss all of that and only just got my hands on it last month. After a bit of googling I discovered that it is supposedly a dupe to the discontinued Urban Decay nail polish in Toxin so if you're missing that then I would recommended giving Fantasy Fire a go.

Fantasy Fire is a beautiful sheer purple shade that has colour changing glitter particles. Depending on the light and angle, the glitter changes from red to copper to gold to green. It truly is a very unique shade and is nothing like I have in my collection already. Because of how sheer this nail varnish is and the fact that the bottle is only a dinky 5ml, I think this shade would be great for layering.

To get this effect I applied 3 generous coats. The glitter is quite hard to photograph as it really does look a different colour at every single angle.

Although it is sheer, it isn't streaky and it dries super quickly and doesn't chip for days. I play netball every Saturday so when I am putting a new nail varnish to the test I paint my nails before the match. This polish didn't chip even one little bit throughout the full hours game. Brilliant!

I do think I will be repurchasing because I can't see this tiny bottle lasting me that long. Overall I really do love this nail polish and can't wait to wear it to my friend's birthday party tonight :)

What do you think of the Max Factor Max Effect Nail Polish in 45 Fantasy Fire?

Ciara x

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