Natural Collection Cover-Up Cream Review

Monday, November 03, 2014

The Natural Collection is a brand that I have fallen in and out of love with over the past few years. Some of their products are great such as their nail polish and eyeliner. But some products aren't so great. The Natural Collection Cover-Up Cream (£1.99) falls under this second category.

I actually meant to buy the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but they had all sold out so I settled for this in one of those desperate "I need a concealer and only have 10 minutes left before I need to get out of boots" moments. I didn't expect much from it but at £1.99 I thought it would do.

The colour range is awful, with only 2 shades being offered. I chose the colour "Fair" which is alright for me, it leans ever so slightly orange so I can't wear it when I have no other makeup on. However, when I'm wearing foundation the colour is manageable.

The coverage for this isn't great but it does blend well. However, the wear time on this isn't great and as the day goes on I did think it started to look funny. It's quite drying and does oxidise but not too much.

Overall it's a little bit naff. It doesn't excite me but it wasn't horrendous.

Have you tried the Natural Collection Cover-Up Cream? What did you think?

Ciara x

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  1. I've never tried that concealer but I don't think I will now... Lol. My favourite concealers are the Collection one and Wake Me Up by Rimmel

    1. I really want to try the Collection one and the Wake Me Up concealer looks good too. Thanks for the recommendations!


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