Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paint In Jingle Bells Review

Monday, December 22, 2014

Okay so when I said that there was only one polish that you would need this season, I was lying. Of course you need a great Christmas nail polish too. And the king of Christmas nail polish, Barry M has released two new additions just in time for the big day.

The shades to choose from are essentially Christmas in a bottle. Firstly there is Christmas Tree which is a green glitter based shade, also containing pieces of red and gold glitter and then there is the shade I have which is Jingle Bells. Both are limited edition and cost £3.99.

I picked up Jingle Bells because I don't have anything like it in my collection at all, and I feel like it is probably more versatile than Christmas Tree, so I wouldn't have to wait until the next festive season to wear it again. Although seeing as they are limited edition, I may have to pop back to Superdrug and pick myself up Christmas Tree as well. But shh, nobody needs to know!

Jingle Bells is a really pretty gold glitter based shade that also contains chunky red glitter and silver glittery stars. I think it is absolutely perfect for Christmas as it is just so glittery and sparkly. It looks great on its own but would look just as lovely layered over other colours too. I love the way it catches the light and creates a really pretty effect. It's also a super easy shade to wear, as it is gold it isn't too "out there" and I think it will go with just about any outfit.

It's best to apply Jingle Bells with a sort of dabbing motion rather than usual nail polish application strokes otherwise you wont end up with much glitter and you wont get the desired effect. Once it is on it doesn't take long to dry at all and it doesn't chip even without a top coat. Glitter nail polishes like this are great for us lazy girls as you don't have to paint your nails perfectly for this to look great. You can be as cackhanded as you like and your nails will still look amazing. Also if it does end up chipping you wont be able to notice. Sounds perfect to me!

What's your nail varnish of choice for the big one: Christmas day?

Ciara x

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