Lush Merry Christmas Gift Box Review

Monday, December 29, 2014

Well it's no secret that I have a little obsession with Lush. So when I got the beautiful Lush Merry Christmas Gift Box  (£19.95) for Christmas, I was so excited. Even just that beautiful ribbon excited me and I continued to wear it in my hair all day.

The Merry Christmas Gift Box contains 5 festive bath bombs/bubble bars. I was so happy as I haven't had the chance to get to Lush and try out any of there Christmas offerings this year as I've been so busy buying for other people. Karma eh? I haven't had the chance to try any of these out yet so this is more of a first impressions post and I've included links to full reviews so you can see all the bath goodies in action.

Lord Of Misrule:


This huge green bath bomb smells gorgeous, it's really hard to describe. Lush describe it as mystical and it's weird but that is exactly what it is. It contains a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil and I think it smells really comforting and is a perfect scent for these cold months. Apparently this creates a wine coloured bath and you can see pictures of that on A Mummas Time Out. Can't wait to try out this one!

Christmas Eve:


Christmas Eve is a soothing jasmine absolute and ylang ylang essential oil scented bubble bar. I think it smells really calming and it promises to create loads of bubbles as seen on Vanessa's Whimsical World. I think I'll save this one for when I really need to relax.

Father Christmas:

Look at his face! How cute is that! This bath bomb smells so sweet, it reminds me a bit of the candy necklaces you used to get. Anybody else remember those? Anyway, this bath bomb has a little surprise up its sleeve, as you can see on The Little Blog Of Beauty. So excited to use this one!


This may be the smallest bath bomb in the whole set but I don't think we should let that fool us. I've wanted to try out this bath bomb foreverrrr. This really does smell like Christmas in a bath. It is packed full of almond oil, sweet orange and cinnamon. I love the smell of cinnamon so much, I think it is such a comforting smell. This bath bomb also contains popping candy (so excited!) which will hopefully make the bath crackle. This bath bomb actually makes me think of bonfire night but it is gorgeous regardless. You can find out more from All Things Lush.

Golden Wonder:

My all time favourite Lush bath bomb. This bath bomb is absolutely beautiful. It creates a beautiful deep teal coloured bath that contains loads of little gold stars that float around the bath. The gold lustre on the outside leaves a subtle shimmer to your skin and it is amazingly scented. It contains lime oil and orange and smells fresh and citrusy. I love citrusy scents so much and I will be forever repurchasing this bath bomb. I cannot recommend it enough. I actually got two of these for Christmas so I may do a full review for you guys, because I really cannot spread my love for this enough!
Have you tried any of these bath goodies? What's your favourite bath product from Lush?
Ciara x

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