Ciaté Amazing Gracie Review

Friday, January 09, 2015

I'm getting a lot more into nail polish all of a sudden. I think I've actually spent more time wearing nail polish than not recently and that is a big thing for me. My school is quite strict about uniform and we are not actually allowed to wear nail polish to school. But if you are sneaky then you will get away with it.

*Ciaté Amazing Gracie (£9) is the perfect nude ballerina pink nail polish and is perfect when you only want a subtle hint of colour. It's really sheer and so 1 coat will add shine to the nails and you can layer it up to create a more opaque finish. I applied 3 generous coats in the picture above and you can see that the tips of my nails are still showing on some pictures. I think this colour would be fantastic for a classic French manicure.

This colour is really pretty and applied easily and lasted long. Because of the amount of coats that I had to apply, it did smudge on a couple of my nails but because of the nature of the colour this is really hard to see. The brush is fantastic and again this nail polish is from the *Ciaté Mini Mani Manor. While this is probably not my most favourite nail polish it is a great one and a classic colour.

What's your favourite nude nail polish?

Ciara x

*This post contains items which were gifted to me. Full disclaimer.

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