The Fairest Of Them All - Lush So White Bath Ballistic Review

Sunday, January 11, 2015

So White Bath Ballistic (£3.20) is a huge round white bath ballistic. It doesn't look like anything special but it smells gorgeous. Before it has been used it smells like apples. Which is slightly odd as it doesn't actually contain anything that would suggest that it smells of apples. This bath ballistic contains bergamot oil, rose absolute, orange flower absolute and neroli oil.

When first plunged into the bath it fizzes a lot and begins to spin around the bath. It doesn't create any bubbles, but creates a white sort of froth which covers the bath. It reminded me a bit of snow. This lasts for quite a long time, whilst the beautiful smell begins to fill the room. Then, and at first I thought this was my eyes playing a trick on me, So White begins to turn the bath pink. It happens really gradually and So White continues to spin all around the bath. eventually what you're left with is this really nice pinky purple coloured bath water. And this is coming from a girl who doesn't really like pink. I then thought that the scent changed slightly and to me it began to smell like Palma Violets. Yum.

I was really surprised how long So White seemed to last. It continued to spin around the bath for the majority of the time that I was in there. Although it may not be the most exciting of Lush Products, this bath ballistic is still very very lovely. It leaves a gorgeous scent that lasts subtly on the skin and is really nice at the end of a long relaxing day.

What is your favourite Lush bath product?

Ciara x

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