The Perfect Treat For A Cold Winter's Night - Lush Snow Angel Bath Melt Review

Sunday, January 18, 2015

 Ahh Lush Snow Angel Bath Melt (£3.95). This little angel is packed full of glittery moisturising goodness! Not to mention that it's seriously cute.

Because this is a bath melt it doesn't create any bubbles however, there are still surprises ahead. Typically, bath melts don't really do anything to make your bath that exciting. But Snow Angel creates this layer of white foam across the bath, like snow and then underneath is this wonderful glitter filled bath. I think the water was supposed to turn gold but really it went a bit yellow and then quite green. It was still quite pretty though as there was loads of glitter which caught the light and made the bath glisten.

It melted really slowly, fizzing a little bit which I liked because it just lasted so long, so you could have a really long relaxing bath. The top white layer melted away quicker than the gold, leaving a white sort of mist across the bath.

Snow Angel Bath Melt is rich in cocoa butter and contains a blend of rose, benzoin and cassie absolute which gives it a lovely light floral and delicate marzipan scent. I was given the Snow Angel Bath Melt for Christmas and I'm not that keen on marzipan so this isn't my favourite Lush scent. However, it is really nice and sweet. Luckily for me it wasn't too overpowering so I did enjoy it. The cocoa butter in Snow Angel means you leave the bath feeling really moisturised. I found that there was no need for any extra moisturiser at all. Fantastic.

My only issue with Snow Angel is that it left a really nasty rim around my bath and I had to rinse out all the excess glitter that settled at the bottom of my bath. It wasn't hard to rinse away though so maybe I'm complaining about nothing!

What do you think of Snow Angel Bath Melt?

Ciara x

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