Trend To Try - Sports Chic

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I'm not particularly girly, so I'm really loving the sports chic trend. There's something so feminine about it while still being relaxed and different. I think it is so easy to pull off. I recently found out about Fanatics which I hadn't actually ever heard of seeing as I'm from the UK but I thought I would have a little go at creating a look using one of their hats. I really like the whole American baseball style and think it adds a little edge.

I chose the Boston Red Sox Knit Hat in White because I really like the pattern and I know that it is summer now, but I love the relaxed look of a bobble hat. I also think they are super cute and look great with a messy bedhead. I think that's what this look is all about. Looking chic with minimal effort. I really like these sorts of outfits and I think they are so easy to wear.

I think just by adding a bobble hat, cap or pair of trainers you can really create a nice twist on a classic style. Also, if like me you aren't that girly, it means you can still dress up while feeling comfortable. Fanatics do a great range of different hats in every style you could think of, so I really suggest having a little look on their website if you are trying to create the perfect sports chic look yourself.

What do you think of my take on sports chic?

Ciara x


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