Miss Sporty Lasting Colour Nail Polish in 06 Hypnotic Turquoise

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Miss Sporty Lasting Colour Nail Polish in Hypnotic Turquoise (£2.99) is exactly what it says on the tin. It is this beautiful blue colour that has an iridescent green sheen. The green was a little hard to pick up on camera, but trust me it is beautiful and is exactly how I imagine a mermaid's tail to be! I think this iridescent sheen and duotone effect give this polish a unique look. This was my go to nail colour a few years back. It catches the light nicely without containing glitter and has this almost aqua effect that is just perfect for the summer. I hate when a colour is so nice in the bottle but doesn't translate well onto the nails but this is so beautiful.

Unfortunately I did find the application of Hypnotic Turquoise a bit tricky. It was quite gloopy and very thick which means it took a little bit longer that I would have liked to dry. (Which ended in me smudging it sorry!). However I have had this polish in my collection for a while now so it could just be because of that. I have had other Miss Sporty nail polishes before and they've always been fine.

What does impress me the most about Hypnotic Turquoise though is the fact that it lasts for a whole week. A WEEK! There aren't many polishes that can make that claim but this one just doesn't chip. By the end of the week, it looked as fresh as if I had applied it an hour before. This is great for me because I am super lazy and hate taking my nail varnish off.

So yeah, a beautiful colour that lasts forever. What more could you want really? I think Miss Sporty is so over looked as a brand. Everything I have tried has been budget friendly and surprisingly good quality. I will definitely be picking myself up some more of their nail varnishes for summer!

What do you think about Miss Sporty?

Ciara x

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