The Scrub Of Your Life.

Friday, June 12, 2015

It's been a while since I used any Soap & Glory products but I found the Scrub Of Your Life (£7) body scrub at the back of my bathroom cupboard and fell in love with it all over again.

I don't usually use body scrubs as I tend to just put my body wash on with one of those puffy shower things ( I have no idea what they are called but I am sure you know what I mean). I just think body scrubs can be a little bit harsh on my skin as it tends to be quite sensitive. However, Scrub Of Your Life is amazing. It contains scrubbing beads but they aren't at all harsh. I mean obviously you can tell they are there, but they wash away easily (unlike some scrubs where you are finding the beads in all sorts of strange places for the next few days) and don't feel like they are scraping your skin away.

Scrub Of Your Life also smells gorgeous. It is scented with bergamot, mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, oakmoss, amber and vanilla. While that might sound sickly and overpowering, it really isn't. Also I want to stress that this is scented without smelling perfumed if that makes sense. I know some people like to stay away from scented things if they have sensitive skin, but I think this is gentle enough.

I have had tubes of Scrub Of Your Life before but I think this little tube actually came as part of a Christmas present and I am so glad that I found it again because it really does do wonders for my skin and I am going away soon so it is always great to have a travel size. It leaves my skin feeling so incredibly smooth and moisturised at the same time. Scrub Of Your Life contains a 'moisture foam formula' which means you don't have to use a separate body wash as well.

I love this scrub and think it is so lovely. It's quick and easy to use and has amazing results. I will definitely be repurchasing!

Anything you recommend from the Soap & Glory range?

Ciara x

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    1. Same Hannah! I've heard their makeup is really good too so I want to try some of that as well x


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