A Letter To My Younger Self

Friday, August 21, 2015

When I started year 7 I had no idea how school was going to go. It felt like my GCSE's were decades away and I had loads of time. But as the years went on, they got closer and closer and crept up on me. Suddenly my whole year group was plunged into mock exams, revision sessions and mountains of things to do. I was so nervous about all of my exams. I was stressed and short tempered and it must have been a nightmare for my family to live with me. I dreaded going into the exams and after coming out of the exam hall and hearing everybody talk about their answers, I was convinced I hadn't done too well on any subject.

Yesterday was GCSE results day and I opened my results and saw 6 A*'s and 5 A's. This, I wasn't expecting at all. I'm not just 'playing it down' or anything like that. I honestly had no idea that those were the grades I earned. I exceeded my expectations in every way. I'm still in shock really that I am capable of producing those results and I know the year 7 me wouldn't have even dreamed of opening such a great results paper. The whole way through my school life I've told myself that I'm no good, that I cant do it and that I'll never be one of those 'high achievers' and if anything, what these exams have shown me is that actually that is all nonsense. I can do it and I did.

I wish I could go back and tell myself that all the effort I'm putting in, all the hard work, will pay off. It won't be wasted. But all that worry, all that stress and frustration, all of that is for nothing. There's no point in it at all, but it does show that you're bothered. If you weren't worried at all, then it obviously doesn't mean much to you.

But whatever grades you receive do not define you. They are important in that moment because you've worked for them and you don't want to be disappointed. But they don't define who you are and that's not the end of your future. You have so many paths to choose from and you can do whatever you want to do. You just have to stick to it and give it your all and I promise you, however things go, you will be just fine.

Ciara x

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