How I Find Inspiration

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We all have days when we are in need of a little bit of inspiration and even if we don't need it, it's nice to be surrounded by stunning images and breath taking quotes. Here's how I keep inspired.

Tumblr is my inspiration station. I love it so much and I wish the mobile app showed the blogs how they really look on the computer. I've spent quite a bit of time getting my Tumblr to look just how I like it and I love looking through other blogs. The creativity on Tumblr is amazing.

Whenever I buy a magazine I always cut out images that stand out to me and stick them into a sketch book. This is something I find really relaxing and it's somewhere I can look to for fashion and beauty inspiration. I guess I am a bit old fashioned in the sense that I really like to write things down and stick images into books or on my walls rather than always doing it on my phone. I just really like to be able to physically hold something. Also this sketch pad doubles up as photography backgrounds sometimes.

Pinterest. Not a lot to say about this one really. Pinterest was made as a source of inspiration. If you're not on Pinterest then you need to be and you can follow my Pinterest boards here.

I take film studies at A Level so clearly that is something I am interested in. I love cinematography and think it is so fascinating. Often I will scroll through the film accounts on Twitter for inspiration because some of the shots from films are breath taking.

Two walls in my bedroom are absolutely covered in posters, postcards and pictures. I love it so much and each thing either creates a memory or gives me something nice to look at. Also, I'm not allowed to paint my walls so it allows me to make my room a bit more colourful and more 'me'.

Recently I've been really getting into Instagram. I've had it for years but I never really used to post that much. However, now it is something that I really enjoy doing. I also love seeing all my friends pictures and there are some amazing accounts out there that will give you endless inspiration. Some of my favourites are - @isaboleta, @sihamhamdan and @cecietcelacestca.

How do you find inspiration? Don't forget to leave me your Pinterest/Instagram/Tumblr links!

Ciara x

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