New Find - Nyx Powder Blush In Mauve

Saturday, September 19, 2015

It always annoys me when I see a blog post or YouTube video raving about Nyx products because it's quite hard to get hold of them here in the UK. But when I was over visiting my grannie in Ireland, they had a Nyx stand in her local chemist and so I couldn't resist picking something up to try. After a lot of swatching I picked up a powder blush called Mauve (£6).

Now I don't know whether mauve means something different in different places but, to me, mauve is a pale purpley colour and not bright pink like this blush. Anyway, regardless of the name, this is a beautiful colour blush and perfect for the transition into the colder months. During the summer I tend to lean towards for peachy coloured blush but in the winter, I like something a bit deeper that will give a really pretty natural flush. Like you've stepped outside and it's a bit windy and you've got a bit of colour on you. Because I'm pretty fair skinned this works nicely for me and the Nyx blush in Mauve allows me to create this look perfectly.

Mauve is a really nice matte pink. It is bright but not too bright and is still soft enough that it looks natural. I actually think this blush is quite pigmented so if you are heavy handed like me then be careful. Also, unlike some matte blushers, it isn't chalky.

One of the main things I love about this blush is its longevity. This is one of the only blushers I've tried that has serious staying power. I can wear Mauve to school and walk home in the wind and the rain and it is still left perfectly on my cheeks. This is brilliant if you're like me and don't have the effort to constantly touch up your makeup all day.

I wish Nyx makeup was more readily available in the UK but if Nyx is available to you and you would like to try something out, then their blushers are a good shout! Something to note - I think Mauve is really similar in colour and quality to MUA Bon Bon so that's worth a look if you can't get Mauve.

Have you tried anything from Nyx? What do you recommend?

Ciara x

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