My Favourite Autumn Scents

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I think autumn is my favourite season. I love that it gets darker earlier and colder so you can start to bring out the scarfs and big coats and I think everything just looks so pretty in the autumn. I like to mirror this change in season not only with my makeup, but with the scents that I surround myself with. I like to switch up my perfume to something deeper and heavier and crack out the more festive smelling candles. Here are just three of my favourites:

I have been given bottles of *The Body Shop White Musk (£17) as a birthday and Christmas present so many times and I have to be honest with you, that when I first received one, I really wasn't keen. It was a bottle of body mist that came in a set with a scented body shimmer, shower gel and a pair of those exfoliating gloves. I just remember it smelling so strong and really overpowering and I hated it (I actually still have that body shimmer and I got his present at least 6 years ago...). Since then I received a bottle from my friend Kemi for my birthday and I can't get enough of it. I think it's probably one of those scents that grow on you as you get older. It's definitely not a fragrance that I would wear all year round but I think it's just perfect for the colder, darker months.

*The Body Shop White Musk is a gorgeous sensual fragrance containing notes of lily, iris, rose, vanilla and musk. It's deep and strong without being too heavy and overpowering and it lasts all day on the skin without smelling stale (if you know, then you know). I have an *Eau De Toilette (pictured), which I prefer to wear in the evenings, and a *Fragrance Mist which I think it more suited to day time. It's not as strong, but still as beautiful. White Musk is an iconic Body Shop scent that you need to be familiar with.

For my birthday this year, my brother bought me this absolutely deliciously scented Grimhilde Poison Apple Candle. This is the nicest thing I think I have ever smelt and I could just sit there smelling it for hours. It's the most gorgeous spiced apple scent that just gets you in the mood for the festive season and will make you want to go out and buy a Christmas tree and sit by the fire in an awful woolly jumper. I haven't actually lit it yet because it's just too good to burn and I don't want it to ever run out but it's so strongly scented that just having it out of the box fills the whole room. Also, amazing fragrance aside, how cute is the packaging?? The actual candle comes in a heavy red glass jar, that I am so going to use after burning this thing, and then the whole thing comes packaged inside this beautiful black box decorated with gold and a big red apple. And if you still haven't got the Snow White reference then on the inside of the lid is this beautiful little quote:

Unfortunately, I cannot find this candle on the internet anywhere, although my brother has informed me that he picked it up in TK Maxx so keep your eyes peeled there in case it pops up again.

I'd had my heart set on *Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Eau De Toilette (£16.99) for ages, so you can imagine how happy I was to be given a bottle by my mum for my birthday. *Tommy Girl is such a gorgeous scent and one that I wouldn't normally be drawn to because it's jam packed with flowers, containing camellia flower, apple blossom, honeysuckle, butterfly violet, Cherokee rose, wild heather, mandarin, and tangerine. I usually prefer more citrusy scents and I think the tangerine and mandarin is what saves this perfume for me. They give it this fresh fruity burst in an otherwise deep, comforting floral fragrance. *Tommy Girl lasts on the skin for hours and is the perfect perfume to take you from day to night. I'm actually so shocked at how low the price tag is on this product, you can read my full review here.

What are your favourite autumnal scents?

Ciara x

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*This post contains items which were gifted to me (I very rarely buy my own perfume). Full disclaimer.

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  1. That candle looks so cool I need one!

    1. You really do, it smells so good!!


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